If you’ve got a tennis friend, partner, or a group you like to play tennis with in the colder months from mid-October to mid-April, sign up for some winter court time at PSTC!  The following lists the key information.  Any questions, fill out our Contact Us page or call (301) 983-0390.


  • All adult tennis players are required to join the club as a winter member for use of the indoor facilities.

  • The dues are $250 for each adult player and it allows for the use of the winter tennis facilities for clinics, lessons, social events, contract time, and spot time for the indoor period. A discounted membership is offered to summer members.

  • A 60 minute court block costs $950 for the winter season.

  • A 90 minute court block costs $1425 for the winter season.

  • Indoor Court time is reserved and held for a member by a 50% deposit paid in advance of the indoor season.

  • Remaining dues are payable no later than the first use of the indoor facility for the season. Dues can be paid by mailing a check to the Club, providing credit card information over the phone, or in person at our tennis office.

  • Please remember that there is a 3% convenience fee for credit card transactions to cover the cost the credit card companies impose.